History of the Corps of sappers firemen of Baldersheim

It took a few fires in 1949 in the village of Baldersheim so the corps of firefighters restores in the commune. But found in an attic archives attest that a fire brigade was already in 1859. In sixty years, the lives of the soldiers of Baldersheim fire has greatly evolved. In 1949, the body did not deposit and the material used was of the most rudimentary. Today, times have changed!

Promotions, awards and diplomas 2013

The feast of Sainte-Barbe of Baldersheim firefighters brought together all the assets and members of the amicale. On that occasion, young firefighters received the name Sapper 1st class on end of probationary period: Émilie Meyer, Julien Boltz, and Pierre Reinhardt. The corps leader Philippe Musslin was promoted Chief Warrant Officer and was awarded the silver medal for 20 years of service. Corporal Thomas Koch was promoted corporal, Master Corporal Bernard Landwerlin is passed to the merit by being appointed Honorary Sergeant.

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